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It’s Time … to Raise Kids Who Lead,
Instead of Follow the Crowd!

The Life Skills Leadership Summit encourages & inspires moms to raise leaders who are ready for adult life … to give you tools finish strong this year

Hey Moms, are you having one of those moments, wondering…

  • What if I stop checking the boxes & hop off the conveyor belt of public education? Will my kids get messed up?
  • I want my kids prepared for real life, but no idea where to start.
  • I love homeschool freedom but I’m afraid to do something different than everyone else?
  • I’m wading through a minefield, how do I make the best choice?
  • All my kids do is follow. When will they think for themselves and make wise decisions?

Ready to Push the Easy Button on Real Life Skills & Leadership?

Get REAL HELP from moms & dads
that have gone before you…

Join us at the 2024 Life Skills Leadership Summit on February 19-23

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