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Join The Life Skills Leadership Summit
Affiliate Program!

I want to pay you for sharing the BEST leadership & life skills event for homeschoolers. Yes! I’m serious!

All you need to do is share the free event on social media, in an email, or even word of mouth. When your friend signs up for the free event, they land on a webpage that offers them the All-Access Pass at a special price. Once they purchase the VIP Pass, I will pay you 40%. 

If they spend $25 on their pass, I’ll pay you $10.00.  If the price is $35, I’ll pay you $14.00. **

I’ve made it super-easy for you to share because I already have images and sample posts for you to copy/paste. It’s that EASY.  

What are you waiting for?

Our affiliates need to be speakers, sponsors or upgraded to the VIP Pass. We want our affiliates to be successful. If you have access to the Summit, you are better able to share specifics about the sessions with your audience.

If you haven’t upgraded to the VIP Pass, you can upgrade here. When you have 3 of your followers or friends get an VIP Pass, you’ll recover your upgrade cost. Pretty cool, right?

  • You earn 40% commission on every sale!
  • 365-Day Cookie on Last Click – That’s right! Your cookie is good for one entire year.
  • We manage all customer service for your customers!
  • You’ll have all the easy-to-use resources you need to promote the program at your fingertips!
    Just copy & paste to Facebook, Instagram or in an email.
  • We have a completely optimized system to ensure the people you send our way make YOU the most money possible!
  • You’ll have all the banners, email copy, & training you need to promote right away!

FOLLOW THESE STEPS to sign up as an Affiliate.

Start making money by sharing
Life Skills Leadership Summit (February 20-24, 2023)

  1. Click here:
  2. Complete the form on next page. After you are approved, you’ll receive an email with log info.
  3. Request to join our Affiliate Facebook Group to stay current and participate in our contests by clicking here. Please answer the questions so we know you signed up as an affiliate.
  4. Inside the group, you’ll find all the sample emails, social media posts and images you can just copy / paste.
  5. When you are approved as an affiliate, you give permission to be added to the How to Homeschool My Child affiliate email list.

** Payments are made to a Paypal account, You will be on the first of the month, 30 days after each sale has been made. In other words, if you have a reader who buys the VIP pass on February 15, you will receive payment on April 1. If you have another reader who buys on February 21, you’ll receive that commission on April 1.