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Foundations of Leadership Education

Leadership Education

The What and How of Leadership Education, by Andrew Pudewa
Discover how you can use Leadership Education in your homeschool to give your kids freedom. Freedom to think for themselves and not follow the media or the politically correct. After discussing what Leadership Education is, Andrew gives practical tips to implement Leadership Education

Raising Real Men to Lead, by Mike Curtis
Today we are in need of raising godly men who eagerly embrace leadership roles and navigate well as catalysts for Christ’s Kingdom. As parents, and especially dads, we must shoulder this challenge well. But how?!? Let’s discover some timeless principles to accomplish this charge to see God’s Kingdom come in power to this generation.

How to Strengthen the Mindset of a Leader by Hunter Beck
Leaders need to have a strong & tough mind as they influence others. Hunter shares how mental strength relates to leaders and the work environment. He uses a few strategies to keep his mindset strong and ready for any situation. Finally, how can moms staying at home encourage their husbands who are working, which allows their wives to homeschool? Hunter has a few ideas for you.

God’s Blueprint for Leadership by Meredith Curtis
Leaders face conflict all the time. Sometimes, it’s helping others walk through disagreements and sometimes we face antagonism ourselves. Principles found in Matthew 18, Proverbs, and Romans 12 help leaders to face conflict with confidence leaving relationships stronger than ever! Meredith Curtis will walk you through principles that work! You will feel stress disappear as you see success in conflict resolution time after time.

Leadership: Forged in the Fire by Aimee Smith
What parent wants their child to endure disappointment, failure, and struggles? While parents would prefer to shield our children from life’s hardships, these are actually the perfect opportunity to develop the heart of a true leader. A true leader understands people live with a story behind their visible story, and this understanding comes from living through difficulty. Come learn how to harness the opportunity to forge a heart of leadership as you walk with your child through the fires of life.

Character Building & Bible

Training Character for Greatness: The Rule of Honor by Britton Latulippe
When I was 15 years old, I was far from a model child. My mother tried everything and took the advice of many experts. Teachers, coaches, preachers, counselors, psychiatrists, doctors, family, and even the police staged interventions, but none could get through to me. Finally, as a last resort, my mother took out a second mortgage on our home and used the loan to send me to an elite prep school—a military boarding school in Virginia called Fork Union Military Academy.

It worked! Fork Union succeeded where all the other experts failed. They did more than discipline me, they inspired me. They didn’t just make me “be good,” they made me want to be good. And this miracle didn’t just work on me, it worked on nearly every student. And this miracle wasn’t worked over the course of many years; it happened in an afternoon, almost the moment I stepped foot on campus. What was Fork Union’s secret? They simply governed us according to the rule of honor. I will explain what that means in my talk.

Leadership: Taught or Caught? by Aimee Smith
Are leadership traits more likely to be taught to your children or caught by them? Both! As parents, you should be diligent to teach your children leadership skills and character qualities. Don’t underestimate, however, the potential for them to catch these skills and qualities simply by watching you. In this session, we will discuss 5 steps you can take as a parent to model leadership to your children. Leadership is both taught and caught!

Growing Bible Literacy Using the Inductive Bible Study Method by Abby Banks
Bible literacy is a growing concern in the church, even among those who grew up in Christian homes. Give your kids the life skill of Bible literacy. This workshop will discuss the case for Bible literacy, the steps of the Inductive method, and how families can start studying whole books of the Bible together.

How to Be a Disciple While Also Discipling Others (Plus A Few Words About Praying the Promises of God Over Your Life) by Jan L. Burt
Do you sense the Lord may be leading you to serve in some sort of ministry role? But perhaps you feel unsure as to your next steps? This session dives into how a ministry often develops and progresses, changes and evolves, as we walk with the Lord patiently and with total trust. Each one of us have our own unique style, personality traits, and character flaws (yes, flaws!) that are ours alone and God intends to use all of those things to reach others, if we will simply allow Him to do so. If you would like to learn more about life-long ministry and the importance of being a disciple as well making disciples, then this summit session is for you. And, stick around til the end for a “bonus” discussion about praying the promises of God over your life!

Parenting in Christ by Meaghan Jackson
Take a deeper look at your connection with God and how that is reflected in your relationship with your children. Meaghan offers encouragement for parents, and practical ways to model the fruits of the spirit in your home. Jesus was a perfect model of gentleness and love. We can learn from His example and message about how to parent.

Mom & Dad Encouragement

Homeschooling Multiple Kids and Preparing Them for the Real World by Gena Mayo
Homeschooling multiple kids is already a struggle, but how about tailoring schoolwork for each of them in order to prepare them individually for the real world? Gena Mayo has homeschooled for 15 years and shares how she has done just that with her children who wanted to become entrepreneurs, musicians, computer programmers, graphic design artists, and nail technicians.

Motivation and Encouragement for Homeschool Parents by Sarah Miller
Are you feeling frustrated and discouraged that you aren’t qualified to homeschool your kids? In this session, Sarah will share reasons why you are actually more qualified than anyone else to teach your children- even if you aren’t a teacher. You will learn to find encouragement for parenting from the Bible, and we will also discuss how focusing on your reasons for choosing homeschooling can be a source of strength in difficult times. You will leave this session with specific and practical encouragement for raising your children and homeschooling with confidence.

Get Rid of Happiness Stealers by Richie Soares
This workshop address where your most vulnerable – your mindset. Learning how to practice a positive mindset will stave off those happiness stealers – and make you more equipped to fight them.

Grace, Not Perfection by Shaun Taylor
Grace is a learned behavior. If you as a leader don’t know how to grant yourself grace, how will you grant it to others.

The Knowledge of God as The Center of Your Homeschool by Ana Willis
“Of the three sorts of knowledge proper to a child, the knowledge of God, of man, and of the universe,–the knowledge of God ranks first in importance, is indispensable, and most happy-making.” – Charlotte Mason

We often claim that God and the Bible are the priority of our lives when the reality is that we spend way more time on other subjects and activities in our homeschool. This workshop will show you why and how we can turn this around and start making God and His Word our #1 priority from now on without neglecting any other subjects. Join Ana as she gives you daily practical ways to make The Knowledge of God front and center in your home education in order to produce Godly character, spiritual growth, and a legacy for God’s glory.

Love of Learning & Lifetime Learners

Modeling a Learning Life: Building a Foundation for Lifetime Learners by Amber Smith
Parents, when is the last time you pursued a creative endeavor in the sight of your children? One of the way we instill a love of learning in our children is to show how it is valid in our lives today. I share how we raised a house full of readers with a few intentional steps. We will also talk about the art of strewing materials for your children to explore and more structured plans to help your children find skills and creative outlets. We conclude with an amazing invitation to connect with your kids by doing this one activity. I can wait to share it with you.

Using Literature to Encourage a Love of Learning by Christine Zell
Most of us have the goal of our kids having a love of learning, but how do we accomplish this in our homeschools? One way that has worked great for Christine in her home is to incorporate literature into as many subjects as possible! This has opened up so many possibilities and opportunities for learning to happen beyond worksheets and the drill and kill. Learn how to make literature a beautiful part of your homeschool- and how to create that love of learning in your home. 

Teaching Kids to Love Reading for a Lifetime by Sarah Miller
In this session, you will learn how to raise kids who love reading so much that they read books under the covers with a flashlight at night! You will learn simple and actionable strategies to help you teach your kids to love books- even if they can’t read yet. We will also discuss steps you can take while your kids are learning to read to keep it fun and keep the love of learning alive. You will leave this session feeling confident and empowered to help your kids become book lovers, no matter what age they are.

How to get Your Kids to Love History by Meryl van der Merwe
Leaders should be learners – and should understand history. This session will give you ideas on making learning, and in particular, learning about history, engaging and relevant for your children.

Finding Your Teen’s Passion and Developing a Love For Learning by Michelle Osborn
One of the best things about homeschooling a teen is watching them light up when they are spending time on what they are passionate about. When your teen is able to connect their passion and their schoolwork, they will begin to develop a love for learning. Their passions can easily become a class or classes for learning and developing those skills.

Raising Lifelong Learners isn’t as Tough as You Think by Tina von Hatten
Raising Lifelong Learners isn’t as Tough as You Think – Raising our children to love learning sounds so cliché. Strong leaders and successful adults all have one thing in common, they never stop learning. Learning is only an adventure away.

Teach How to Think & Independent Learners

Teaching Our Children How to Think, Act, and Live with a Biblical Worldview by Jacob Breedlove
This session will focus on the foundations of a Biblical perspective to assist parents in how to both live and teach the Biblical Worldview.

Growing Independent Learners–Nurturing Our Kids in Each Season of Homeschooling! by Jennifer Merckling Homeschooling provides fertile ground for growing creative, independent, problems solvers! After 17 years of homeschooling, Jen is sharing her top tips for success in each season–the early elementary, middle grades, and high school years. Get encouragement and practical tools that you can use today!

Using Literature to Encourage Children to Think for Themselves by Christine Zell
We all want to raise successful children, right? One way that has been proven to help children as they get older and work their way through high school and into college is to encourage them to think for themselves. But, how do we accomplish this? Christine will point out some very fun ways to use literature to start encouraging your kids to think for themselves, even at a young age! You can easily raise independent, out-of-the-box thinkers, and have FUN with it, too! 

Beyond the Valedictorian Mindset – Creating Space for Failure in Learning by Amber Smith
Excellence and Achievement are core expectations in any educational plan, but could the focus on perfection hamper one of the greatest assets to success in life and business: resilience? Making mastery a central focus of our homeschool by breaking free from the 4.0 mindset can give our children room to explore and be challenged with material they might not otherwise take on. In this talk I discuss how to encourage children to take appropriate risks and support them when they fail. Listen in if you desire to raise resilient learners and future leaders.

Life Skills for Leaders

Special Workshops provided by the Summit’s Partner, Unboundfighting against human trafficking. We will email info about these 2 live workshops to all Basic & All Access Pass holders.

NOTE: Kerry will donate 5% of the Summit’s profits to Unbound. Some speakers will donate 5% of their commissions. Kerry will double each speaker’s donation by matching it.

Keeping Students Safe for Parents / Caregivers, by Sunitha Konatham of Unbound
A one hour training that explains what human trafficking is, how to identify it and how to respond. This training is specifically tailored to parents and caregivers of children and youth in order to expand on topics including: internet safety, child vulnerabilities and pornography. This training has been reviewed and supported by the Texas Governor’s Office and has been presented to thousands of caregivers across Texas.

Keeping Students Safe Students by Sunitha Konatham of Unbound
A one hour training that explains what human trafficking is, how to identify it and how to respond. This training is specifically tailored students aged 6th grade and up. While discussing mature topics, our training discusses these concepts in an age-appropriate manner. This training has been reviewed and supported by the Texas Governor’s Office and has been presented to thousands of students across Texas.

Communication & Public Speaking

Empathy Communication by Meaghan Jackson
Misunderstandings and butting heads with your children can cause a lot of friction. Children listen better when they feel heard and understood. Learn how offering empathy, listening and considering feelings can help you communicate better as a family.

Lessons from Decades of Public Speaking by Jim Hodges
Public speaking is usually the number one fear of most adults. Come listen to Jim share the how he overcomes the challenges and fears of speaking, as well as the many benefits for your child to speak well in public. He also discusses how to prepare for public speaking and tips your kids can use this week to speak in public. They are simpler than you might imagine.

Vital Communication Skills Every Teen Should Possess by Noah von Hatten
The key to success isn’t money, luck, or fame, it’s communication. Being able to add effective communication skills to you and your teen’s metaphorical tool belt will be an invaluable asset in countless situations in life. Between my time studying at college and working at a museum I have spent years building my own communication skills, both in formal written form, and verbally while interacting with many people from every walk of life from all around the world. In this workshop I dive into some practical communication skills that everyone should possess.

4 Effective Ways to Train Your Child to be a Dynamic Speaker for God’s Glory by Kirsten McTernan
Public speaking is a useful and necessary skill for all, and can be taught as early as preschool. In this practical session, you’ll learn how to teach and develop public speaking skills in your child for God’s glory, make it fun, and find places for your child to use the skills they’ll learn!

How to Confidently Deal with Conflict by Meredith Curtis
Leaders face conflict all the time. Sometimes, it’s helping others walk through disagreements and sometimes we face antagonism ourselves. Principles found in Matthew 18, Proverbs, and Romans 12 help leaders to face conflict with confidence leaving relationships stronger than ever! Meredith Curtis will walk you through principles that work! You will feel stress disappear as you see success in conflict resolution time after time.

Practical Public Speaking Skills by Noah von Hatten
Speaking in public, or even to a small group of people can be extremely daunting. Take it from me, a shy and discrete person who through fortunate circumstance was put into a situation where speaking to crowds of all sizes became a part of my professional life. I’m no public speaker, but I have gathered several practical and easy to apply tricks through the years that have helped me with my public speaking, which I will be sharing with you in this workshop. You never known when you might need to speak to a group, big or small, & having tools to help you feel prepared will be an excellent asset.

Entrepreneurship & Business Skills

Unleash the Entrepreneur Inside & Start Your Own Business by Meredith Curtis
Meredith and her husband have each had their own businesses and their 5 children have all followed in their footsteps. She will share the basics of meeting needs in the marketplace, naming your new business, marketing, networking, legal protocol, and finances. She will use real life examples and share both struggles and successes. Meredith also shares how to start a business debt-free.

Entrepreneurship for Teens by Abby Banks
There are so many benefits to encouraging our teens in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Entrepreneurship is about growing leaders while also giving our teens crucial life skills that will enable them to provide for their future family. This workshop will explore the benefits, options, and transcript solutions for your resident entrepreneurial teen.

Cultivating Home and Business: Entrepreneurship for the Homeschool Mom by Gabi Haberer
We as SAHMs are whole-heartedly dedicated to the cultivation of home and family. As a result, one income living is a common element found in many homeschooling families. Challenges often arise when managing family needs on limited resources or constrained budgets. We as mothers, have amazing skills, talents and giftings that can be channeled into profitable entrepreneurship, without compromising the values we hold dear. In this session, Gabi will discuss the framework and roadmap to take those unique skill sets and turn them into a profitable and sustainable revenue stream within the online space.

Lessons from An Entrepreneurial Family by Jan L. Burt
In this session, Jan will cover the myriad of small businesses her family members have launched, what that looked like during her children’s teen years and how those businesses have changed in their young adult years, and what types of entrepreneurial ventures she undertook as a busy homeschool mom and what her work days look like as an empty nester. From photography to personal fitness and nutrition, Youtube monetization to graphic design, craft fairs to freelance writing, costume design to indie publishing – our family has experienced a lot and learned a lot along the way. Join Jan to hear the pro’s and con’s and some tips and tricks for the entrepreneur – whether you are just getting started or simply need some encouragement, this sessions will inspire you to keep moving forward and never give up!

The Big Picture of Entrepreneurialism by Dave Chung
The most important aspect of starting your own business is your mindset. Choosing a service or getting customers is much easier. Dave shares how to change your mindset so you are more likely to succeed in business. He also opens up with challenges in running your own business, working from home and parenting all at the same time. You’ll discover a few tips Dave uses to overcome these challenges.

Time Management & Organization

Why The Planner You Have is Already The Perfect One by Amber Stephens
We already have all the planners, but why don’t we use them? What are some different ways we can think about planning and time management that will help us shift mentally into a place where we can be successful in this area? Knowing how to manage time is a life skill, but it is even more important for the homeschooling mom, as we have so many moving parts we are trying to manage. My hope is that you will leave this session with the confidence to manage your time in a way that will bring peace and happiness to you and your family.

Teaching Time Management for the Mom Who Stinks at It by Annette Breedlove
Do you want your children to have time management skills? Are they always running behind? Learn some simple and quick tips to help you teach time management, even if you stink at it!

Using a Project Management Tool to Get Organized by Kimberly Charron
Create your control center in a project management tool. Organize your life, work, and homeschool projects and activities in one place. Never forget a deadline. This is a terrific skill to teach your child as well, that they can take with them to post-secondary education and beyond.

Clear the Chaos with a Home Planning System by Richie Soares
This workshop will be about helping moms get all areas of life under control through a weekly and monthly planning system. The system will help all moms get control of their meals, their homeschool, self-care, and even side business with efficient time management and block scheduling skills.

Using Habitica to Start and Maintain Good Habits (for Kids & Adults) by Kimberly Charron
Gamification. Not only do studies show that it works, but it also makes life and your homeschool more fun! Even better, it means less nagging. Kimberly will share how this free app can be used by the whole family.

Computer Skills

How to Create a Website by Kimberly Charron
It’s more important than ever to know how to create your own website. But navigating the often confusing options to get started can be overwhelming. Kimberly Charron is here to help. In this workshop, you will learn:
• The best platform choices for a website for you and/or your child
• How to purchase your domain
• How to choose a website host
• Recommended themes & plugins
• How to do it all on a budget

Simply Spreadsheets by Charla McKinley
The simple spreadsheet is one of the most powerful organization and analysis tools that exist. Fortunately, spreadsheets are not as complicated as they might appear. Give me half an hour and I will teach you the basic spreadsheet tools and formulas so that you can begin to harness the power of spreadsheets in your home or office.

Office Tools 101: Using Google Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets & Excel by Annette Breedlove
Using office tools is the best way I’ve found to keep track of our homeschooling and my own business needs. Learn some simple tips in this quick start guide to Google Drive, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and even Excel.

Money Skills

Dollars & Sense by Charla McKinley
Our children will spend less than a quarter of their lives in our homes. As parents we have a narrow window to prepare them for the road ahead. We spend years teaching our children how to read, write and do mathematics, but how much time do we spend teaching them about money? As with any skill, our children need more than just lectures about money and learning by your example. Financial illiteracy has the power to cripple our children as they enter adulthood. What is keeping you from training your children in this key area? Would you like some tips and tricks to help you guide them? Join me, a homeschool mom, financial consultant and retired CPA, as we talk through how raise a fiscally responsible adult.

How to Answer the 4 Toughest Financial Questions Everyone Faces by Don Blanton
Our proposed topics for a video would revolve around an introduction to personal finances through the lens of the Personal Economic Model, how to answer the 4 toughest financial questions everyone faces, and a little bit about our mission with PEM LIFE and Personal Finance Illustrated®. For decades we have been coaching financial advisors to bring financial understanding to their clients through the use of the Personal Economic Model and other innovative resources. Now we are working to help educators to do the same for the students in their classrooms. We’d like to share some of this understanding directly with these parents, and illustrate the kinds of resources we have available to broaden their financial understanding not only for themselves but their children as well.

Relationships & Team Work

Encouraging Parents of Teens by Amber Smith
If we miss this opportunity to establish a loving and mutually respectful relationship with our teens, we are missing the greatest opportunity that homeschooling has to offer. I a mother of seven teenagers, I can tell you we can not only survive the teen years, but we can embrace our teens for all they are. Complex, complicated, malleable and full of emotions, teens are on the cusp of adulthood and becoming our peers in life. In this talk we share about how to shift our expectations from those of small children to mentoring our teens with wisdom and grace. As a mother of eleven, I share my number one piece of parenting advice in this talk. This talk is honest, challenging and could change your relationships forever.

Why Homeschooling Alone Doesn’t Create Team Players by Amber Stephens
Do you see your kids fighting and feel helpless to do anything to make them get along? Do you long for peace and think that everyone working together is a dream? Let’s make this dream a reality! In this session, we will discuss how you can be intentional about helping your children manage their sibling relationships, which will set them up for healthy relationships in the future—a life skill everyone needs. We will also learn some practical ideas for team building within your family and ways to alleviate the mom guilt that comes when your children don’t get along.

Family Meetings by Meaghan Jackson
Open the line of communication with your family by holding regular family meetings. Gathering together creates a valuable opportunity to practice problem solving, appreciation, critical thinking, and more. Learn the ins and outs of a successful family meeting.

Self Care

Mastering Mom Overwhelm by Sarah Miller
Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed because you want to do it all for your family and there just aren’t enough hours in the day? In this session, you will learn to identify, recover from, and even prevent causes of overwhelm in your life. Sarah shares a simple framework that will allow you to prevent overwhelm before it even occurs- while still saying “yes” to all the things you need to do in a busy life! You will leave this session feeling empowered with specific tools to handle the stress that life brings.

Slay The Self Care Guilt and Manage All Areas of Your Life by Amber Stephens
Instead of feeling guilty about self-care, what if you felt empowered by it? In this session, we will explore YOU: who you are, what you like to do and why it matters to your family. We will also discuss home management and how to develop systems within your home to keep it humming like a well-oiled machine. Developing these life skills may sound overwhelming, but this homeschooling mom of 6 will let you in on her secrets and give you some practical ideas, as well!

How Self-Care Changes with Each Stage of Life by Jan L. Burt
Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty for needing some time away? Or are you on the opposite end of the spectrum, and no amount of self-care seems to leave you refreshed? Maybe the season of life you are currently in isn’t lining up with your current self-care options. In this session, Jan shares about the differing seasons of life and how know your current season helps determine how to best take care of yourself. She will also discuss the difference between “self-care” and “selfishness”, caring for others even as we care for ourselves, adapting a self-care routine to fit where we currently are in life, and how self-care is especially necessary for people dealing with health concerns. Join Jan for this important summit session!