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Workshops 2022

Foundations of Leadership Education

Leadership Education

KEYNOTE: The Seven Keys of Great Teaching, by Andrew Pudewa
Exploring the practical elements of the Thomas Jefferson education model, Andrew will explain the seven keys as well as the five learning environments as developed by DeMille and his colleagues. (There’s even an unofficial “eighth key.”) With humorous stories from his own family’s experience, Andrew will delight homeschooling moms looking for tips on how to escape the “conveyor belt” approach to doing “school” at home.

KEYNOTE: Leaders Slow Down – What’s important, by Hunter Beck
How can you slow down as a leader … or as a homeschool mom? Especially in the craziness and busyness of life. Hunter shares from his heart, as a former homeschooler who is learning how to slow down as a leader.

Words of Life Grow Confident Leaders, by Meredith Curtis
Words of life instill confidence, courage, and camaraderie in your home school. Transform your speech and learn to encourage, affirm, and challenge your children to step out in faith as confident leaders. Meredith shares tips on how to correct with kindness so that children are built up and not torn down. Unleash the leader inside your child by speaking life-giving truth!

How Music is the Perfect Avenue for Developing Leadership, by Justina of Jus’ Classicals
Find out how listening to music and participation in music will help our children to develop leadership skills such as time management, ability to listen and communicate, adapt to change, and work within a team.

Family Style Leadership Development Workshop Grow Confident Leaders, by Aimee Smith
How can expert leadership resources help you lead your children to become leaders? Join Aimee Smith to learn how to develop a laid-back, conversation-filled, family-style leadership development workshop for your family. You will leave this session equipped with leadership concepts from experts such as John Maxwell AND a plan to relay them to your children (primarily for ages 10 and up).

Parenting & Character Training

Teaching Kids Habits of Personal Devotion, by Tauna Meyer
The habits of Bible reading, prayer, and study are among the most important life skills you can teach your child. But they can be challenging to establish, both for our kids and ourselves! Learn some practical tips and tools that will help you and your children grow in this area.

Real Heroes for the Real World, by Britton Latulippe
A cause for great alarm among the youth today is the quality of their heroes. Young children are taking their inspiration from cinematic fiction and fantasy, and so-called “celebrities” are popular heroes of the older ones. I know these modern “heroes” are fun to fantasize about but if we want our children to achieve greatness in the real world, they will require superior heroes—real men and women of faith who triumphed over real villains in the real world. In my talk, I will show you the best way to pick and introduce your children to heroes they will never overgrow and never forget!.

Building Christian Habits at Home, by Jennifer Merckling
Jen shares her journey of learning to study the bible at age 30, intentionally teaching those principles to her 6 kids, and how she walked years with a spouse who wasn’t in the same place spiritually…It’s never to late—you can be the start of a new chapter in your family’s story!

Your Home Needs Family Worship!, by Christian Horstmann
Multitudes of bad influences all around us are striving to grab our children’s attention and make their hearts fall in love with this world. But a home atmosphere that is steeped in the Gospel of Jesus will do much to help our next generation become strong leaders who will not bow to the culture around them! A regular time of family worship is essential for bringing up a family that will experience the richest of God’s blessings and become an influence for good.

Cooking Up Character Development: How to Make Meaningful Connections & Delicious Treats While Building Leadership Traits in Your Kids, by Katie J Trent
Learn how to build strong leadership characteristics in your kids in fun and meaningful ways as Katie shares how to combine cooking, conversation, and character into a quick, easy, and meaningful connection time each week.

Mom & Dad Encouragement

The Encouragement You Need for the Work of Parenting Well, by Jan L. Burt
From her homeschool blog to her podcast to her private groups, Jan’s specialty is to encourage, encourage & encourage some more. In this session she will use Biblical texts and helpful tips & hints from her own experiences raising her five children. Sharing from the heart, Jan will leave you feeling encouraged and equipped for your task of parenting children who will be leaders in the future.

Preparing Our Kids to Be Successful Young Adults: Do’s And Don’ts Every Parent Needs to Know, by Katie J Trent
Equip your kids to thrive as they transition to adulthood with practical tips and tools every parent needs to know. Whether you’ve got young kids or teens, you’ll gain strategies for success in this workshop. Katie has over a decade of experience working with hundreds of teens and young adults in ministry and professional counseling, and shares secrets she’s learned to help you prepare your kids to succeed in every area of life as they transition to adulthood.

You Are More Than Enough, by Tatiana Rivera
Are you a single homeschool mom or dad? Parenting and homeschooling solo is extremely overwhelming, and the trials life throws our way are discouraging. To make matters worse, we often feel like we’re not doing enough, and pile even more on our plates. As homeschoolers it’s easy to focus on the academics, and fail to focus on relationships.
In this session, I will share how the struggles and the trials can shape your family dynamic, and transform the relationships with your kids into something beautiful.

Inspire A Love of Learning

Reaching the Reluctant Writer, by Andrew Pudewa
Many children really do not like to write. Why? This workshop will answer that basic question and teach a specific and successful method of separating the complex process of writing into the smallest possible steps, making it possible for even the most reluctant writer to produce short but complete compositions. He will be proud and motivated to write again. If you remove the problem of what to write, you will be free to help your child learn how to write, using source texts, key word outlines, and “dress-up” checklists. Results guaranteed!

Encouraging a Love of Learning, Even When They Don’t Like the Subject, by Annette Breedlove
There’s almost always one subject that a child doesn’t like. But even if they don’t like it, they can still enjoy the learning process! Learn how this homeschooling mom of 6 encourages a love of learning, even if they don’t like the subject!

How to Choose Books that Make Kids Want to Read, by Sarah Miller
Choosing the right books is one of the best ways to help kids love reading, and in this session, you will learn how to do just that. We’ll talk about how to figure out your child’s reading level and find books that are just the right level for your child. We’ll discuss how to know if the content of a book is appropriate for your child, even if you don’t have time to preview everything they are reading. You’ll also learn practical strategies for teaching your children the important skill of choosing books for themselves.

The Modern One Room Schoolhouse, by Cynthia Heren
Looking back at the One Room Schoolhouse gives us inspiration to teach all our kids at once regardless of grade levels. Following this model we will simplify our homeschool planning and build stronger family bonds by sharing the learning experience. When you simplify the academic learning in this way there is more time to focus on other life skills areas as your children grow.

Teach to Think & Independent Learning

Making the Transition to Independent Learning in Middle School; What You Should be Doing Right Now, by Amber Smith
How can you ensure that your kids will be college ready? Independent work skills are the key. Would it surprise you to know that learning to work independently starts right now. In this session we share how to build the life skill that will have your kids ready for college, adult life and prepared for learning on their own.

Who Do Independent Thinkers Grow Up To Be?, Jan L. Burt
We raise our children to one day be adults, not to remain children, right? It only makes sense that as parents we would “work backwards” and plan wisely in order to reach our goal of having adult children who are truly independent thinkers. Join Jan for this session and learn hands-on tips that she used in raising children to be adults who think well.

Continuing Education for Homeschool Moms, by Meredith Curtis
Just as our children enjoy a lifestyle of learning, wise homeschool moms keep growing in wisdom through books, articles, conferences, and relationships with other homeschool moms. This is self-care at its finest and helps us to be the best homeschool mom/leaders we can be. Meredith Curtis shares how she learned early on to set aside and guard time each month for her continuing education and how beautifully it impacted her children and cultivated the leader inside of each one.

Life Skills for Leaders

Special Workshops provided by the Summit’s Partner, Unboundfighting against human trafficking. We will email info about these 2 live workshops to all Basic & All Access Pass holders.

NOTE: Kerry will donate 5% of the Summit’s profits to Unbound. Some speakers will donate 5% of their commissions. Kerry will double each speaker’s donation by matching it.

Keeping Students Safe for Parents / Caregivers, by Sunitha Konatham of Unbound
A one hour training that explains what human trafficking is, how to identify it and how to respond. This training is specifically tailored to parents and caregivers of children and youth in order to expand on topics including: internet safety, child vulnerabilities and pornography. This training has been reviewed and supported by the Texas Governor’s Office and has been presented to thousands of caregivers across Texas.

Keeping Students Safe Students by Sunitha Konatham of Unbound
A one hour training that explains what human trafficking is, how to identify it and how to respond. This training is specifically tailored students aged 6th grade and up. While discussing mature topics, our training discusses these concepts in an age-appropriate manner. This training has been reviewed and supported by the Texas Governor’s Office and has been presented to thousands of students across Texas.

Relationships & Dealing with Failure

Personal Routines for the Win, by Justina of Jus’ Classicals
Learn tips for personal routines and habit formation which will help you and your children have smoother and more enjoyable days.

Ways to work on your marriage when you have autistic kids, homeschooling, and everything else, by Penny Rogers
to follow.

Ways to socialize your autistic child according to his developmental age, by Penny Rogers
to follow

Overcoming a Difficult School Year; Creating a Plan for Success, by Amber Smith
Many factors can throw your homeschool year into a spin. Recovering quickly is a life skill you can learn. Amber Smith learned to get back on track after working out of the home. She shares the three life skills that helped her big family get reorganized.

Communication & Public Speaking

Developing Healthy & Effective Communication Between You and Your Child, by Richie Soares
If you’re having a tough time getting your point across to your kids or if you want clarification in some areas for better understanding, then this workshop is for you! When you communicate with your child, you are essentially giving and receiving information between the two of you. But it’s much more than talking. During an exchange, there are multiple layers of communication happening at once. And as important as talking is, it’s actually not the most important part of communication. Learn how to effectively develop a communication style so that when you communicate with your kids, you’re all actually on the same level!

7 Tips to Being an Engaging Communicator (at ANY age!), by Suzanne Gose
This is the jumping off point to assuring that not only you, but your children can communicate effectively. All productive citizens, but especially leaders need to be easily understood and deliver an efficient message in every scenario. These seven main tips will give every viewer a wonderful spring board into being confident in sending the message they WANT to send, and cut out the opportunities to being misunderstood.

Developing Healthy &How to Overcome the Fear of Communicating in Groups, by Suzanne Gose
Suzanne Gose recognizes that the number one fear in America is still public speaking. Live videos and zoom calls have helped a LOT of families to break down the barriers, but having people listen to JUST you still brings up a lot of anxiety. This seminar will give you the tools to overcome that fear in real, and measurable ways to make your influence, message, and presence more effective on those around you.

How to Use Music Lessons to Teach Poise and Other Skills Important for Public Speaking, by Gena Mayo
Private and group music lessons aren’t just for learning to play an instrument or sing. There are so many skills that students learn, including those that will make them better public speakers! Let Gena Mayo, an experienced performer, music teacher, and speech/public speaking instructor give you some practical tips in this workshop.

Self Care

Making Time for Yourself When Your Kids Need ALL Your Energy, by Cynthia Heren
The saying goes, “If Mama ain’t happy nobody happy” is true. The atmosphere in the home is led by mom. When you are teaching and parenting kids who have extra needs, it’s even more important to take care of yourself but also more challenging to prioritize yourself. When we share our own needs with our kids and they see us taking care of ourselves, they have a chance to practice valuable skills including independence, and making priorities.

When You Want to Quit, by Aimee Smith
How can you teach your children life skills and model leadership skills when you’re struggling to simply cover the basics of school? What do you do when you feel like calling it quits? In this session, we’ll consider why even the best of homeschool moms wants to quit sometimes and how you can convince yourself to persevere in your calling to homeschool. You will walk away encouraged to keep on keepin’ on!

How To Overcome Self-Doubt and Believe In Yourself, by Richie Soares
Have you ever felt like you’re not enough? In life as a person and woman, or as a wife, or even as a homeschool mom? One of the hardest things that some moms ever do is transform themselves from a mom full of self-doubt to a self-assured one that believes in themselves. But, the truth is that no matter where you are in life right now, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, opportunities you’ve passed up, or what’s happened to you in life, you can overcome your self-doubt and start believing in yourself – as a woman, a wife, and a mom.

Self*Care with an Eternal Focus, by Jamie Suel
We have been given the gift of life to steward and enjoy. In this session we will focus on what it looks like to love God and others as we take care of ourselves. The way God instructs us to love Him is really good for us. What a gracious God!

Computer Skills

Helping Your Kids Live Unplugged in a Technology Driven World, by Annette Breedlove
With all the technology and apps out there, how can you expect your child not to be included? Will they be shunned by friends? Will they be unpopular? How can you help them stay unplugged and loving life in this Technology Driven World? Find out how this mom of 6 keeps her kids away from technology and present in the “real world”.

WordPress: A How-To Guide (For Kids & Adults), by Kimberly Charron
It’s more important than ever to know how to run your own website and WordPress powers over a third of the internet. In this workshop, you will learn:
• Best themes & plugins to start
• Customizing your theme
• How to create a page
• How to write a blog post

Business Skills & Entrepreneurship

Starting a Business from Scratch, by Hunter Beck
After working in the corporate world for six years, Hunter started his own business in marketing. Discover tips you can use to start your own business and teach your kids the same tips if they want to have a business.

The Art of Persuasion, by Lisa M Nehring
One skill that current employers is finding lacking in new hires is the ability to sell. With the constant short hand of texting and and 9 second tik-toks and reels, the fine art of Persuasion is being lost. Why is the ability to sell so important and what are some ways that parents can help their kids develop this skill?

Money Skills

Preventable Money Mistakes to Teach your Children or Find and Fix for Yourself!, by Lisa Garrison
Parents bring you teens and young adults to watch this one!! Growing up I didn’t have a responsible, healthy relationship with money. Because of that, I have made a lot of financial-related mistakes. I was able to stop them and work on them, learn and grow from them. Now I strive to make sure teens and young adults have the Knowledge to prevent them from going down the frustrating and sad path I had to. All because I did not have the proper knowledge to make better financial decisions. So, parents, bring your young adults and teens to come to listen to this presentation on being smart with money, following the biblical money concepts.

Don’t Lose Those Dollars: Teaching Teens to Budget in a Digital Age, by Stephanie Iraggi
Beginning young adulthood with a firm grasp on budgeting in the real world will save your teens years of struggle. But with tools like ledgers and checkbooks nearly obsolete, learning to budget looks very different than it did a few decades ago when we were teens! Get tips on how to start your high school or college student on a digital zero-based budget so they can take charge of their money from the start!

Organization – Time Management & Organization

A Home that Welcomes Your People: Let’s get a Handle on Housework, by Jennifer Merckling
Not organized or tidy by nature—Jen is sharing how the FlyLady system transformed her home and heart over the last 15+ years. Learn tips that will keep you from getting overwhelmed—and help you let go of perfectionism (and resentment)! What will your kids remember about chores? Let’s leave them with a legacy of grace!

Busyness and Priorities in Homeschool Life, by Abby Banks
Most of us are busy and being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But we should check our busyness against our priorities. Be encouraged to stay on track with family and homeschooling goals instead of being distracted with busyness. Learn how to encourage your kids and teens to use their time well.

The Correlation between Executive Functioning and Successful Planning, Organization and Time Management, by Lisa Garrison
Messy? Always late? Unorganized? Unreached goals? Learn how working on executive functioning skills will turn these trouble spots around. The correlation between executive functioning and being successful with planning, time management, and organizing is a key to creating a sense of control and allowing for tasks to be completed smoothly, and effectively. Come learn this correlation and how to prepare for a lifetime of success by accomplishing these skills.

How to Find Time to Teach Reading, by Sarah Miller
Did you know that your busy schedule and divided attention is actually an advantage when teaching your child to read? In this session, you’ll learn how to create a structure and routine that allows you to have one-on-one time to teach reading, even when you have multiple children at home. You will leave this session equipped with practical ideas you can use to find time for reading, without having to give up your other responsibilities.

Pomodoros and Other Productivity Techniques for Business and Homeschool, by Kimberly Charron
Do you and your kids struggle with procrastination or getting things done? Learn easy methods and tips you can use now in your homeschool and in business. These are great skills your kids can use to prepare for college and their adult life as well.

How to Eliminate Distractions, Redeem Your Time & Truly Accomplish Your Goals, by Ana Willis
Do you wish you could eliminate distractions and stop wasting your precious time on things that are not helping you being productive? Do you wish you could focus more and have more time in your hands to accomplish everything you need? Do you wish you had more white margins in your life to rest and enjoy your family, friends, etc? Raising kids, being productive, and still living with rest sounds almost impossible, right? It’s time to eliminate the distractions that are keeping you from being fruitful, redeem your time and truly accomplish your goals with rest and joy, my friend! You were made to live a life more abundant! Come ready to turn your life around and learn the secrets that helped Ana conquer time management once and for all!