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Foundations of Leadership Education

Leadership Education

Deepening Family Relationships Through Godly Communication, by Steve Demme
There is no one who can build up a family like parents. As we live and learn together let’s be intentional our relationships in the family. Understanding each other and working on speaking and listening leads to healthier interactions among all members of the family.

Freedomship Education: Rebuilding Your Education Paradigm, by Andrew Pudewa
Escaping the conveyor belt approach of institutional education by which most of us were shaped isn’t easy, but it has to be done. For many parents, our greatest handicap as teachers is our own education—but it need not be so. In this inspiring and empowering session, you will not only come to understand the nature and purpose of today’s educational system as it was originally conceived and designed, but you will see a shining alternative path, one that develops true thinkers, leaders, and communicators—so desperately needed in today’s world.

Raising Children for Greatness: Leadership, by Britton LaTulippe
“Nice Nerds”—that is what people think of Christian homeschoolers. It’s a better reputation than the public schools, but not good enough to compete with the prep schoolers who run America, and the world. Leadership is the hallmark of an elite prep school education, and it shows—our last four Presidents: Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden, were all prep schoolers, not to mention billionaire tycoons like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk.
In this interview, Britton LaTulippe will draw from his leadership training in prep school and the US Army Special Forces Qualification Course to show homeschoolers how to transform “nice nerds” into kingly Charlemagnes, Christian men and women who lead their teams to victory no matter the odds!

How To Lead a Team to Accomplish a Mission, by Meredith Curtis
Whether it’s homeschooling your children or leading the summer vacation Bible school, you can lead a team effectively. From leading a worship team to heading up a homeschooling conference, Meredith knows how to lead a team that gets the job done, has fun in the process, and still likes one another when the mission is complete. Meredith will cover envisioning your team, calling your team to excellence, working through conflict, and raising up leaders.

Parenting & Character Training

3 Strategies for Creative, Biblical Character Training in your Homeschool, by Katie J Trent
In this workshop, Katie shows moms how they can put a creative twist on character training that engages the whole family and activates your faith! Shift from behavior modification to life transformation with this distinctly unique approach to character development full of fun (and food) for everyone in order to biblically raise strong leaders.

The Gift of Values – Building Character and Integrity in Our Children’s Lives, by Rosie Boom
Courage. Honesty. Kindness. Just three of the values that your child will need in the years ahead. How do we as parents help them develop inner strength and character?

When a huge storm struck our farm, a number of huge trees fell – uprooted by the winds. I stared in astonishment at these massive trees – at their beautiful foliage, impressive trunks, and then in surprise at their roots. Nearly all of the fallen trees had very shallow root systems.
We need to help our children send down deep, strong roots, which will help them stand
in the storms of life.

So much of the real ‘work’ of parenting involves the hidden places of the heart. We can’t see the roots that are growing deep and strong in our children’s lives. At times we catch glimpses of progress and growth, and we rejoice. But unfortunately, it is all too easy to become focused on the outward appearances – the trunk, the branches, the leaves (the exam results!). But a tree is only as strong as its roots. It’s not what’s visible on the top that counts. It’s the strength and depth of what lies below.

I offer encouragement, practical tips, creative ideas and inspiration to help parents in this vital task.

The Bible is One Unified Story, by Robin Sampson
Robin teaches 12 chronological Bible study classes each covering one historical Bible era each month to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Christ.

POWER! Habits for Super Moms!, by Molly Christensen
No time to re-energize? These POWER! habits will change your life as they give you more energy and clarity in your life, so you can be the homeschool mom you always wanted to be. And the best thing is they don’t really take any extra time, just extra focus. These are some of the most important life skills you can teach your kids.

6 Foundational Keys to Raising Children Who Love God, by Danielle Papageorgiou
Every good Christian parent wants to raise children who are successful and positioned for great accomplishments. However, many parents don’t realize just how crucial the spiritual development of their children is to that future success. Even those who would agree to its importance often get caught up in the world’s methods of training for success and forget that God’s methods are completely upside down from the world’s! God’s methods for success start with one thing: Love for Him. But how do we raise children who love God? Learn the 6 keys in this workshop.

Mom & Dad Encouragement

Your Homeschool Mindset Matters, by Christy Gandara
Homeschooling is a gift we give our children, and ourselves. Despite our best intentions, doubt, anxiety, burnout, and comparisonitis have a unique way of creeping in when we least expect them. You can recognize these unwanted guests and DECIDE not to engage with them. Your mindset is the game changer. Join Homeschool Mindset Consultant Christy Gandara as she helps you recognize the important role your mindset plays in your homeschool and strategies you can use when you need a boost!

Teaching Together: Homeschooling Techniques From a One-Room Schoolhouse, by Brenda Lane
You have a rare opportunity to learn life lessons from my mom, who taught in a one-room schoolhouse on the Canadian prairie nearly 100 years ago. Without many books or supplies, she learned to create practical exercises to fit the needs of each individual student. You’ll see the surprising scientific methods behind her techniques for building leaders!

Latin and handwriting were still core subjects that she encouraged bored boys to conquer. Her wisdom will help you thrive in your homeschool today. Teachers lived with the families and came face to face with their personality issues (and their bedbugs!).

From her experiences, you will see ways to tackle demanding topics like writing with ease and be flexible and individualized within your family’s learning style. And when things get tough, you’ll remember her example to keep smiling and adjust accordingly, even when the horse takes the buggy back to the farm instead of the school.

My Homeschool Mistakes, by Robin Sampson
Robin Sampson homeschooled her nine children for over thirty years. She wrote several best-selling homeschool books for Christian homeschoolers. Join her as she explains her homeschool mistakes and what she would have done differently.

A Charlotte Mason Education in An Orwellian and Brave New World, How to Teach Truth in an Age of Darkness, by Ana Willis
How can we raise kingdom-minded children in a world where good is called evil and evil is called good? In a world like Orwell’s 1984 or Huxley’s Brave New World?

In this workshop, you’ll learn how a Charlotte Mason education is a God-sent tool to raise children who do not conform to the patterns of this world.

How to Address our Big Emotions: Strategies for the Homeschool Mama, by Teresa Wiedrick
Learn to instill self-compassion strategies that help you do this homeschool thing with satisfaction and intention. And help your kids learn to be kind with their big emotions too. Learning emotional regulation is the most important tool for leadership & life, for you and your kids.

Homeschooling When You Have No Patience, by Annette Breedlove
One of the biggest questions from new (or potential) homeschoolers is “What if I have no patience?” I’m here to tell you, that patience is a myth among homeschoolers. There are plenty of those with what seems to be an insane amount of patience, but there are many of us who struggle with it as well. I want to share with you some ways I’ve found to homeschool successfully, even when my patience is running thin.

Inspire A Love of Learning

Inspire Them to Learn, by Val Robb
Spark your child’s love of learning by tapping into their unique set of interests, gifts and talents. Link their studies to what they love. Foster curiosity. Model a passion for learning.

Immersive Learning: The Lost Art of Play and How It Can Help Your Child Excel, by Dana Susan Beasley
Allowing your child to play develops more skills than sitting still and, while the 3R’s are important, using play to enhance them proves invaluable and helps them develop important life skills. Mompreneur Dana Susan Beasley will discuss how things like her Explorers Creativity LARPing Club are not only fun, but also essential to helping your child excel in academics.

The Blessing of Reading Aloud Together as a Family, by Rosie Boom
I grew up in the jungles of New Guinea where my parents were missionaries. One of my strongest (and happiest) memories of that time was of us three children sitting in our parents’ bed under the mosquito net, listening to Dad reading The Chronicles of Narnia and other books by Tilley light.

Sadly, too many parents stop reading aloud once their children become confident readers. Big mistake! There is such a bonding that takes place as you sit close together and share the dramas, the laughs and the tears of a good story. It also provides valuable opportunities to discuss important truths and values.
This simple family practice is where so much imparting of spiritual truth, godly values and character growth takes place. Read, read, read!

I will offer encouragement and tips, and hopefully inspire parents to lay hold of this treasure.

Discovering the Riches of a Charlotte Mason-Inspired Education, How to Make Learning Fun & Unforgettable, by Ana Willis
Your homeschool lessons don’t have to be boring! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to add various “spices” to elevate your kids’ learning to a rich and tasteful feast. You’ll also get practical ideas to capture the heart of your child and help him or her fall in love with learning in a fresh new way!

How to Change your Mindset and Become a Lifelong Learner, by Tatiana Rivera
The world around us is constantly changing. We must become lifelong learners to have the ability to stay up to date in order to stay relevant and to be capable of adapting and learning new skills.

In order to do this, we must change our mindset and become comfortable with the idea of continuously learning.

With focus, determination and the right strategies, anyone can become a someone who continuously seeks knowledge and growth. In this session we will discuss the importance of lifelong learning, learning styles, goal setting and developing a lifelong learning mindset. By changing your mindset and becoming a lifelong learner, you can open yourself up to new experiences, new perspectives and new opportunities.

Teach to Think & Transition to Independence

Using The Hero’s Journey to Teach Resilience and Launch Your Teens Successfully, by Colleen Kessler
Research shows that resilient people are happier, healthier, and live more fulfilled lives than those who struggle to bounce back when things get tough. In this session, Colleen will talk about resilience, why it’s important, and how we can use literature, movies, and television — stories — to help our kids delevlop this social/emotional skills so they’re prepared to launch into adulthood with strength and confidence.

7 Ways to Foster Independence in your Homeschool, by Christy Gandara
I know somewhere in our Mommy hearts we secretly want our children to both live with us forever and to grow up and move out so there are fewer dishes and laundry. When push comes to shove, we want our kids to grow up and move out to become productive members of society. In order for our children to develop independence we, as their parents and educators, must provide them with plenty of situations that foster independence. Join Christy Gandara as she guides you through 7 ways to foster independence in your homeschool.

How to Help Your Teens Step Confidently Into Adulthood, by Sarah McCubbin
As we raise our children, we want to know that we are preparing them well for adulthood. In this session, Sarah McCubbin and Kerry Beck talk about life skills that are physical, emotional and spiritual. We don’t need to wait until our kids are teens to start preparing. Life skills are things we can start right now that will prepare them to leave our homes as confident adults. They will know how to be responsible for their own basic needs, how to navigate challenges and how to own their own faith in the process. Included in this session is a Free Checklist of 50 Life Skills to Prepare Your Teens for Adulthood.

Encouraging Your High Schooler to Find Their Passion, by Annette Breedlove
One of our main jobs as a parent is to train ourselves out of this “job”. We want our children to become independent enough that we are just here to guide them. Part of that, is encouraging your high schooler to find their passion so they can pursue it. Whether it be for a career or just as a hobby, pursuing their passion will give them a well-rounded life.

The 7 stages of learning a language – The Hidden Benefits & HOW to do it, by Suzanne Gose
What stage are you in? From infants to senior citizens, learn WHY and HOW to learn a foreign language. The benefits to your world, your brain and your family will astound you – and you’ll get simples steps on how to attack each stage with confidence!

Life Skills for Leaders

Relationships & Dealing with Failure

Give your Kids the Gift of Grit, by Lisa M Nehring
Having grit – or “stick-to-itiveness” – is key to achieving long-term goals, as it gives kids the confidence and motivation to keep going even when things get tough. This quality is the secret ingredient behind successful people and it’s something that all kids should learn at an early age. Grit is a skill that can be taught and in this session, Lisa Nehring shares 8 simple but effective ways to impart this life-changing skill! 

Like Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver: Leading with Encouragement, by Meredith Curtis
Proverbs 25:11 says that a word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Our tongue can deliver priceless treasure or meaningless twaddle. Learn to lead in your home, job, and ministry with encouragement and wisdom to bring forth the treasure in each person you lead. Meredith gets very practical with how to respond in various situations using words that bring life even in correction. She also gives you 25 affirmations to share with those you love.

Failing, a vital key to achieving success, by Amber J Smith
Homeschooling is a great place where we can allow our children to hone their gifts and talents, but should we expose them to failure too? In this talk I will share the positive effects of failure and how it leads to kids who succeed in business and life.

Communication & Public Speaking

Inspire Them to Write, by Val Robb
Learning to write is so necessary for many aspects of life. Let’s get past the groans and spark some inspiration. Let’s increase motivation for the hard work of writing by showing how it connects to life right now. Meaningful writing inspires motivation.

Communication Confidence Comes from Knowledge… of Spanish?, by Suzanne Gose
Learning Spanish seems so obvious – you learn the words, you say the words, you know the words, right? Right – but there’s actually so much more to it. In Señora Gose’s workshop, you’ll actually learn some Spanish today, and take your first step into gaining MORE communication confidence. The synapses you fire in your brain today will truly build your confidence in communication in any language – from helping your own close friends and family, to promoting your business or idea, or any sort of presentation. Watch and learn and be amazed at how today’s exercise in Spanish will grow your communications confidence in every relationship. I’ll explain how and why in this short workshop.

Self Care

Your Homeschool Mindset Matters, by Christy Gandara
Homeschooling is a gift we give our children, and ourselves. Despite our best intentions, doubt, anxiety, burnout, and comparisonitis have a unique way of creeping in when we least expect them. You can recognize these unwanted guests and DECIDE not to engage with them. Your mindset is the game changer. Join Homeschool Mindset Consultant Christy Gandara as she helps you recognize the important role your mindset plays in your homeschool and strategies you can use when you need a boost!

Self-Care Strategies, by Peggy Ployhar
Have you struggled with finding time for self-care? Maybe it seems like there just isn’t enough time to do everything you need or want to do. But it is possible if you know how to work self-care into your everyday living. In this talk, Peggy Ployhar, SPED Homeschool Founder and CEO and recent cancer survivor will share her own story of near burnout and how that experience led her to many realizations about how and why it was so important to prioritize her own care to keep everything balanced in her home as well as how she creatively plans to ensure self-care in her busy schedule. You will come away with new resolve as well as creative ideas for strategically building self-care into your own life no matter now busy it gets.

Shedding Light on Depression, by Peggy Ployhar
Pre-COVID statics showed over 13% of youth in the United States suffered from at least one major depressive episode, and that number increased by almost 100k in a two-year span. Peggy Ployhar knows first-hand how dark and limiting depression can be as a youth and young adult who struggled with depression and as a parent who walked two of her children through the dark road of depression. As a biblical counselor, Peggy transformed her experiential insight of depression in the same manner that God revealed Himself and His truths to pull her and one of her children out of the pit of despair and she is still walking the road with her second. This talk biblically dissects depression, exposes the darkness, and in very practical ways reveals how to shed the true Light of Christ into a life darkened by depression.

The Resilient and Fortified Mind, by Bex Buzzie
Being able to bounce back from set-backs and overcome obstacles is the beginning of success in any arena of life. These things will happen. The question is are you resilient to hop back on the wagon when you have fallen off or do you stay down? Have you fortified your mind against the negativity that will try to derail you or do you allow everything to control your thoughts? All those and more will get answered in this insightful interview.

Business Skills & Entrepreneurship

5 Ways Entrepreneurial Skills lead to Success, by Lisa M Nehring
Our kids are going to live and work in a global, fast paced gig-economy. One of the best ways to prepare your kids for a successful launch is to make sure that they’ve been trained to think like an Entrepreneur! Entrepreneurs embrace failure, develop amazing soft and interpersonal skills and more! In this session, Lisa Nehring will talk about the amazing benefits of Entrepreneurship and the skills that developing an Entrepreneurial mind will impart! 

Cultivating The Entrepreneur Mindset in Your Teen, by Dana Susan Beasley
Do you see promise in the things that your teens love to do and want to show them real life skills? Have you ever sat down and told them that God gave them passions, giftings, and callings for a reason? Mompreneur, author, publisher, and branding expert Dana Susan Beasley will share practical ideas with many real-life examples that will inspire you to guide your teen through the exciting endeavor and important life skill of becoming an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship for Kids and Teens, by Tatiana Rivera
Entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular, especially among younger generations. Kids and teens today have more opportunities than ever to explore the world of entrepreneurship and see if it’s right for them. In this workshop, we will explore the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship for kids and teens, as well as ideas on how to provide them with real-world examples of successful entrepreneurs to inspire them.

How To Build Capacity With The Right Habits, by Bex Buzzie
Wish you had a 30 hour week to get it all done? Is everything your responsibility or at least does it feel like it? Listen in as Bex discusses how she went from almost no ability to handle one thing to a capacity that has shocked even her with some simple steps. Journey’s begin with a step, remember that!

Organization – Time Management & Organization

Time-Bending for Busy Moms, by Molly Christensen
Ever wished you had more hours in your day? Never enough time to finish all the things? Don’t have enough time for that to-do list? Most time management systems are created for business people, not homeschool moms. You only have 24 hours, but in this workshop, you’ll learn how to bend time so you have enough time for all the important things!

Documenting and Planning Your Homeschool, by Amy Bodkin, EdS
Do you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out how to organize your homeschool when you feel like you have no executive functioning skills left? Join me as I share the system I created to allow me, as an Autistic and ADHD mom, to homeschool my children!

The Power of Habits, by Sara Jordan
How to tap into your motivation and create doable habits to reach goals, tackle to-do lists, and overcome overwhelm. Developing good habits is an essential life skill that will serve you well throughout your lifetime, in everything from positions of leadership to simply managing your home, family, and career.

Hands-On at Home

Introduction to Woodworking, by Amy Bodkin, EdS
Do you want to be able to make repairs around your house? Do you want to inspire your children to develop an interest in Woodworking? Or perhaps you want to make homemade gifts next holiday season! Join me as I give you a brief introduction to a life skill that can empower you to save money, get creative, and gain confidence in your own ability to solve problems!

You Don’t Have to Be an Expert Cook, but You Can Include Science, Math, History, and Literature Daily!, by Brenda Lane
Do you want to save time? Streamlined Homeschool Writing: What You Need to Know (Guide Your Students)! You will also cover essential topics and leadership lessons while having fun cooking together!

We eat every day. Why waste that time? Our course gives you family-friendly ways to accomplish this! Whether you already enjoy cooking or are a novice in the kitchen, use the hours you spend learning with your kids in a fun atmosphere.

For example, let’s say you’re preparing a hearty soup for lunch. Look closely at each ingredient. See how it reacts to the heat and time (science), think about the flavor each item adds (science), study where that dish originated (history), figure out how to add more if company drops by (math), note any updates to the family recipe (writing), and chat about characters you’ve read about who ate similar foods (literature).

Of course, we’ll show you how to understand the way your body uses each element. And we provide guidelines to emphasize food safety, so it becomes a comfortable habit. Plus, we encourage your students to be helpful and not a hindrance.

You don’t have to know this off the top of your head! We give you lots of resources, including books and YouTube videos. By following this guide, you can relax, knowing you’re strengthening your youngsters to care for themselves when they move out.

4 Practical Homemaking Tips for Domestically Challenged Moms, by Tauna Meyer
Feel like you fall short on the homemaking front? You’re not alone! Come learn four practical strategies that will help you make homemaking progress while also teaching your kids important life skills.