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Let’s Finish this Year Strong with . . .

Your Secret Sauce: FUN LEARNING

You enjoy learning on your own and for your own education
but your kids aren’t excited about learning themselves

So, let’s add simple fun learning ideas to create the best homeschool for “your” family this year. I know …

You’re Looking For . . .

Ideas to Help Kids Love Learning

As a former fifth grade teacher, former homeschool mom and creator of a Christian school in El Salvador, I’ve tested many ideas to encourage kids to enjoy, love and truly learn from our activities.

Kids’ Attitude Excited about Learning

So your kids are like mine, not always interested in learning the next thing. But you’re still searching for a way to make it happen. You know where you’d like your to be, but getting there is not easy for you. I understand, from my own homeschool.

Lifetime Learning Tips & Tricks

How do I find tools that will help my kids learn for the rest of their lives…and enjoy learning at the same time. Not so easy. I get it!

And This . . .

As someone who is always looking for FUN ways to learn any and all concepts. Including Bible topics and academic subjects. . .

Instead of lacking confidence as your child’s teacher, take a step back to see what will really work to give your kids the tools of learning for a lifetime, as well as a LOVE of learning for the rest of their lives. You know it will take time, so trust God to give you the wisdom and perseverance to stay consistent in your encouragement of learning.

You’re here because you’re overwhelmed. You feel stressed out, with your kids not caring about learning.

It’s hard to juggle it all with multiple kids.

So, you fly by the seat of your pants and feel frustrated.

Sound familiar?

What if you could wake up each morning, ready for a calm, peaceful day.

You have a plan you can use to help your kids enjoy learning and stop the stress.

You also know how to stop the busywork and choose only activities that are truly educational.

To Help You Even Further,

First up, I emailed you a plan to encourage love of learning through read alouds, to help you encourage your kids to enjoy learning and have tools to learn for a lifetime.

Next, I’m offering a FREE ticket to my annual event, Life Skills Leadership Summit. Leaders are lifetime learners, who have both the tools to learn and a love for learning. But how do you give this to your kids? Glad you asked.

At our Summit, we have an entire day devoted to ways to encourage a love of learning in a wide variety of ways.

Our 25+ speakers will help you with leadership skills, such as thinking skills, decision making skills, character foundation, love of learning and general leadership skills.

On top of that, they will share practical tips in our life skills track, covering communication, relationships, business skills, self care, organization helps and hands-on skills for the home.

Other online events try to cover all areas of homeschooling or parenting. You have so many topics that you can’t decide what to watch and become overwhelmed.

With the Life Skills Leadership Summit, we are focusing on 2 main aspects of homeschooling and parenting:

  • Raising Leaders & Influencers (Track 1)
  • Life Skills for Real Life (Track 2)

Within each of these areas, we have sub-categories, but everything ties back to raising Godly leaders, who will influence for Jesus Christ.

As you might guess, he Summit has sessions for Moms & Dads, but we also have sessions for Teens and a special live session for kids 6th grade and up. (Keep reading)

We want to help your entire family become better leaders and influencers and FINISH STRONG this year.

All you have to do is . . .

Click the orange button to sign up for your FREE Basic Pass for the Life Skills Leadership Summit. You’ll have 24-hour access each day to practical tips & tricks to give your kids a better education that will prepare him to lead & influence.

An education that will help them influence and make a difference in the world.

And it won’t cost you a dime!
Did you read that? It won’t cost you a dime!

No traveling. No hotel expenses. No registration fees.
100% FREE

Your Hostess for the Summit

I homeschooled our 3 kids for 10 years. All of them are grown up and on their own. As the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” So, you’ll hear about them in the class…the good, the bad, the ugly.

I’m so excited to share what worked in our homeschool and what didn’t work. I try to be an open book because raising kids can be hard. I made mistakes and want to help you avoid my mistakes.

That’s why I’m hosting our 3rd annual Life Skills Leadership Summit and offering you a free ticket to attend on February 20-24, 2023.

I’m very happy you took this quiz. It shows that even a teensy tiny fraction of you believes you can create the best environment & education for your children to become independent learners. Spoiler alert: you totally can!

But make no mistake, we started out exactly where you are today — with a desire and the willingness to put one foot in front of the other to make it happen.

Your quiz results are designed to give you a hearty dose of clarity and inspiration, all you have to do is follow-through.

This summit is one of the best, positive, and helpful things that has happened in my life recently. I’ve been searching for a way to revamp our homeschool journey and confirmation that this is what is best for our family. And hoping to find a way to provide a more solid teaching of God, a better schedule we can stick to, and how to feel better as a mom trying to do it all. THANK YOU!  Kera

Kera, Homeschool Mom


PS. Remember to check your email for our Family Read Aloud Book List so you can start encouraging a love of learning and stop the overwhelm.